Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

Best SEO Tools

With the help of the right SEO tools, companies can track and improve their SEO strategies. There are tons of SEO tools that analyze various SEO features but the common checks are usually the keywords and the website content.

Capabilities of SEO Tools

Most SEO tools are built to perform the following functions:

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are search terms a user may type to find your website. SEO tools analyze and recommend keywords to optimize them.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are links on other websites linking to your site. Many SEO tools will track backlinks, help acquire them and identify potential backlinks.

Ranking and Analysis

All SEO tools can generate reports and offer analytics like trend charts, competitor analysis, traffic analysis, SERP ranking and so on.

Top SEO tools of 2019

The top most SEO tools used in 2019 are:

Google Keyword Planner

Function: Google keyword planner is a part of Google Adwords platform. This tool helps to research keywords, analyze them, compare them with the search terms. 
This leads to better results and improved SEO.


SEMrush is a free online tool that picks a domain, the keywords in it and ranks them as well the related keywords. It then reports the performance of the whole domain as well as specific pages.
This helps in generating more traffic to the site.

Longtail PRO

This is a straightforward SEO tool with a simple user interface. 
This comes not only with keyword research tool but many other features like sort and track keywords, filter keyword results, rank keywords and so on.

Screaming Frog

This is a technical SEO tool that literally “ crawls” through your website and creates a list of all the pages.
It helps to keep track of crawl level, internal and external links, and elements like title, description and tags.


As the name suggests, this SEO tool “crawls” to the deepest level of a website and collects accurate information on all its features.

This tool categorizes the data collected and indexes it. This helps in the technical optimization of the website as technical errors that prevent the website from ranking well in SERPs can be fixed.


Woorank is a free automated tool that helps in businesses to evaluate the SEO preparedness and other aspects of their site. Based on 50 criteria, it evaluates the website on many categories and gives SEO tips to improve. 


It is a backlink monitoring and link research tool used extensively in the world of digital marketing.
This is the best tool to provide a huge database of links, huge index and best index updates.

Open Site Explorer

This is another link analysis and SEO optimization tool that is developed my It tracks links leading to your website and displays stats about the link counts, and text distribution.


Majestic is a backlink checker tool. This tool crawls data from everywhere and builds the biggest backlink database.


Ontolo is a SEO tool that does link research and analysis. It discovers link prospects via phrases, topics, link types and so on.

Google Search Console

Also known as Google Webmaster tools, it is a free tool offered by Google. The Search Queries option can show keyword queries that bring users to your site. It also shows number of hits for your keywords.

Authority Labs

This is a premium SEO tool used for keyword tracking. It can track keywords on popular search engines. It can show daily ranks and views for a specific keyword.

To retain your place and rank in the competitive SEO world and grow your business, you will need to deploy some of the SEO optimization tools now.

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