Effective SEO Strategies for 2019

Effective SEO Strategies 2019

You may have adopted the best SEO practices for your business but that does not mean you can rest easy. SEO techniques modify rapidly each year and it is the need of the hour to be on top of your game if you do not want your website rankings to be affected.

SEO in 2019 is bound to bring about new trends and strategies. What techniques worked in 2016 are obsolete in 2019. A successful SEO strategy is one that not just improves the website rankings for the time being but aims to significantly improve the quality of the website and the web presence in the long term.

The following tactics may help retain a good customer base and high ranking for your web page in 2019 and beyond:

Effective SEO Strategies

Improve User Engagement Techniques

User engagement in SEO means the amount of time a user spends on a web page. The stronger the user engagement, higher the ranking of the website in search engines. The search engine understands that these websites are more useful to the readers and will push them up in the SERPs. The following techniques can be used to improve user engagement in websites:

  • Always format your pages. Formatting web pages improves the readability. Use short sentences and paragraphs. Use subheadings and bullet points to highlight relevant points, data and stats.
  • Use interesting and catchy words and phrases to capture the reader’s’ attention.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Use lot of images to convey ideas as pictures are a more effective way to absorb content.
  • Reduce bounce rates. In other words, reduce the number of visitors who visit the pages but leave without engaging further. This could be because of poorly designed pages and poor usability.

Increase Content of Your Existing Pages

Although existing pages have an established readership, regular updates by means of increase in content and addition of keywords must be made. Google search console gives an idea of what content need to increase their rankings.

Include more Video Content, like YouTube

Current users view more video content on web pages than blogs and posts. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and it would greatly benefit if your site has YouTube videos and they have the right tags and descriptions to be SEO friendly.

Improve Site Loading Speed

Google provides several tools by which the site performance can be measured and improved. The average wait time of the users for page loading is less than 5 seconds after which there is a good chance they will move away from the page and some may not even visit again. You can cut down on loading speed by adopting the following methods:

  • Optimize the images on your page by compressing them using tools.
  • Enable browser caching so that frequently used HTML pages are stored and loading time is reduced.

Focus on Topics more than Keywords

By 2018, Google’s algorithm has evolved and it is not just looking for keywords. It aims to understand the minds of users, what they are looking for and what search results will help them find answers. To cater to this need you need to:

  • Understand the demographic of your target audience very well – what is their age group, location and so on. By building a detailed buyer profile, you can focus your content on only topics that really matter.
  • Organize content into sections depending on the various user profiles. Then the section topics carry more value to the search engine than just specific keywords.
  • However, you cannot ignore keywords altogether. Use various tools to come up with the most effective keyword list.

Backlinks never go out of date

Come any year, backlinks are very vital to achieve good search engine rankings. But the way back links are built must be optimized. Poor quality links, paid links are passé’ in 2018 and may even harm the web site.  

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis is a process that has no substitute in SEO. Your analytics platform must track user journey and his browsing habits like which page really appealed to him, which page in the website had UI issues and which page was least or not visited at all.  

Technically Optimized Website

It is important to make your website technically sound with no glitches.

  • Make sure the web page is secure by implementing HTTPS protocol.
  • Fix any broken links and any 404 pages.
  • Make sure content works optimally on mobile platforms.

With the continued changing scenario of SEO, it is the need of the hour for businesses to adapt quickly to latest trends and technologies and get an edge over their competitors.

Razia Shaik

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