Free Backlink Checker Tool For Competitor Backlink Analysis

Free Backlink Checker Tool

Today, I have gone through a great backlink analysis tool which is created by Neil Patel for researching about competitor backlinks.

If we want to know about how many people are linking to our website or wanted to know about from where our competitors are getting backlinks, Neil Patel’s Free Backlink Tool is great at finding more backlink opportunities.

Neil Patel already integrated that free backlink tool with Ubersuggest to make that more simple with one simple tool.

As most online web users already know, Free Back link Checkers are aimed at giving access to the back link profile of any web site. These checker tools enable you to see who is linking to your page and research your best performing content. You can also find your competitors most valuable back links and examine their back link profile to spot patterns and possible link opportunities to benefit your own page!

Here is how the Free Backlink Tool Works:

First, we have to visit the free backlink tool by using this link: The savvy new Free Backlink Checker Tool by Neil Patel allows you to simply enter the domain/ URL of your site to view your unique data; including the all important ‘domain score’. This overall domain score based on a variety of factors actually portrays the strength of your website. For most businesses (online or offline based) I would consider this a very handy tool and way of developing your online strategy according to what is missing or what can be added on.

I mean, just imagine being able to find new link building opportunities regularly, and only in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is submit your competitors’ URLs through the Back link Checker Tool by Neil Patel via the portal and you have instant results! The world of data brings to us fantastic conclusions.

Back links are just like any other hyperlink, except they direct you from one domain to another. These hyperlinks are also called inbound links, incoming links. Back links only point to another domain as an external reference to directly credit the target page. A hyperlink in an email or linking different pages within the same domain doesn’t count as a back link.

These backlinks essentially show you the users who are linking to your competition and not linking to you. With this information, its up to you to research new methods of boosting your web rankings.

Furthermore, the back links provide advanced filters which simplify the process of identifying the best link opportunities for you. The best part is the use of use – just simply filter the links by region, anchor text, domain score, page score, and even URL.

Free Backlink Checker Tool by Neil Patel allows you to:

  • Discover and track where your backlinks are coming from
  • Perform a backlink analysis and audit for any site
  • Research your best performing content
  • See which keywords or pages are bringing you the most links
  • Find your competitors’ most valuable backlinks and examine their backlink profile to spot patterns and possible link building opportunities.

So, once you have received these backlink details, what should you do ?

Here are the top five ideas:

Search Engine Optimization: Improving your web site’s SEO is probably the most profitable thing you can do with backlinks. The information the backlink tool provides you with assists you in seeing how to best improve your backlink profile for higher search rankings and increased search traffic.

Lost Link Recovery: With the information the tool provides, you can find and take back lost links.

Competitor Backlink Audit: Look for opportunities that can dramatically improve your own link building and search performance. Whenever you perform a competitor backlink check or audit, you must check the inbound links that are pointing to top ranking pages so you can’t miss out on important link opportunities.

Building Relationships: Follow up on people linking to your sites to build even more beneficial relationships. You can also use this tool to find trustworthy influencers that are related to your business and who have established page authority.

Don’t forget, that just because a company offers SEO services, this does not necessarily equate to well versed SEO. Sometimes, its even possible that you are paying for building spam to your own page. It could be well possible that you are paying for building spam to your own site.

Nobody wants this….

The best thing to do in order to avoid that situation is to invest some time into using a backlink tracking tool. The daily reports on the links built to your page will benefit you extremely. With all the data available, it becomes a lot easier to monitor your link building efforts this way.

Checking backlinks is a very crucial process to succeed in internet marketing. We must make it a regular activity to check backlinks to ensure they do not hurt our online reputation, marketing efforts and link building. The main goal should be to firstly understand the type of links that are useful for your site and get rid of all those that aren’t. Next, you should then analyse your competitors backlinks and build the necessary action plan accordingly.

With all the incredibly useful and simplified data at your doorstep, you may want to save a report or create a spreadsheet to edit/ add to/ display to colleagues etc. So, once you’ve fine tuned your results, you can export them to CSV. You also really don’t need to be an IT guru or a tech savvy user to be able to easily use this tool. With the most user-friendly interface and visually pleasing concept, the Free Backlink Checker Tool by Neil Patel is ultra convenient!

In a world so highly competitive, with daily/hourly technological advancements, all business need to maintain their competitive edge. I recommend you give this tool a trial – its free! And learn why your competitors rank so high and how you can outrank them with some essential tweaks to your web page.

Razia Shaik

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