Free Press Release Submission Sites List

Free Press Release Sites List

Free press release indicates the press releases to a network of media channels. These press releases act as a valuable source of information for reporters and news persons that are looking for stories. Free press release may give you an exposure to different media outlets but to find the right sites is both risky as well as a time consuming process.  A press release can be submitted directly to the reporter or can be sent to any of the submission sites. It has its own pros and cons. It is easier to submit a person release directly to the site as you don’t need to find Emails of journalists and can easily access a site and submit your press release. However the press releases that are directly sent to the journalist have more media coverage as well as you can develop a good relation with the journalist whereas people can’t directly access the journalist on the site.

Once the press release is published on a submission site, the site will either publish your press release as it is or the journalist will take important quotes and other vital information in the press release and write it in to an article.

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Press releases are only accepted for publishing if they follow the below mentioned pattern. Generate a profile in all the sites in which you are going to publish your press release. Some require phone numbers as well. Provide unique information to all the sites and if the press release is to be published in more than one media sites, create unique varieties of the same material and then submit it to different press release websites. Your profile must be complete and up to date with your professional logo, phone number and address.

Free Press Release Submission Sites List:

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