Google Analytics – Features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Web Analytics tool that offers statistical and analytical tools that help in Search Engine Optimization.

Features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analytical tool that can be accessed by anyone with a Google account. The features of Google Analytics are:

Data Visualization Tool

You can set up Google Analytics to display the most important data at a glance in the Dashboard menu. Multiple dashboards can be used where multiple widgets can be created. Widgets can show a metric, pie chart or some statistical data. If you want stats for a particular period, you may change date in dashboard and the widget will automatically get updated.

Traffic Reporting and Segmentation Tool

Google Analytics can act as a reporting tool of traffic online. It can report which SEO campaigns are working well to bring traffic to your website. Advanced Segments option give this information. From the Advanced Segment option, you can create a New Custom Segment. To track traffic from local directories, your custom segment can be directed to search from Local Search Profiles.

Track your Visitors

If you wish to know which website or social media platform to choose for advertising, Google Analytics has the answer for you. Just look under the Visitors menu and search in the Location demographics of your visitors.

Here, you can view the worldwide stats and particular country stats, how much average time customers spend on your site, and so on.

Track Search Behavior

Just finding the keywords that attract visitors to your website is not sufficient. Google Analytics gives data on what the visitors are looking for once they are there. In the Settings tab, there is a Profile Settings option. Choose Track Site Search option from that and enter the query parameter as your site’s URL. The results of this can be seen in Content menu under Usage. Under Pages, you can even see what pages are being browsed, what terms are being searched for and so on.

This feature also gives ideas for improvement in the site content to make it more engaging.

Discover your Best and Worst Content

Google Analytics’ Pages under Content menu gives you information about which pages are the visitors on the longest time, or which ones make them continue to browse through more pages on your site. This helps to create customer friendly content in the future.

The bottom most pages on the Pages menu are the exit pages. These are the ones the customers are reading but exiting. This indicates that people are not finding the information they want and hence leaving. This gives an opportunity to evaluate your content and take necessary measures to ensure visitors find what they came for.  

Do you need to go the Mobile Way?

You may wonder if you need to set up a mobile version of your website. Google Analytics tool has the answer in the Visitors menu under Mobile option. You can choose a device to see how many visitors are logging on from a mobile device. If the average time on the site is lower and bounce rate higher, it means you are losing out on your mobile traffic.

Google Analytics is the all in one tool that sorts your visitors through various dimensions and metrics. It also can seamlessly integrate with Google products like Adwords, Search Console and Website optimizer, Public Data Explorer.

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