Link-able Review: A Platform for Content Marketers

Link-able Review

Read our detailed review of the platform and how it helps Content Marketers acquire better quality backlinks. is a website that is designed to link Content Authors (writers, bloggers, guest authors, etc.) with Content Marketers (blog and website owners). The purpose is enabling the content marketers to acquire new backlinks and grow traffic by hiring authors to outreach and promote their content. Quality backlinks and mentions are valuable to any Content Marketer and can greatly help to drive traffic to their website or blog.  On the other side, Content Authors can further monetize their writing work and applying to link building jobs. The platform helps to bridge the gap between SEO and generating income for authors.

The platform remains focused on linking the highest quality content with authors who can create the best backlinks. This offers the best value for both authors and content marketers. Content marketers get the opportunity to have high quality links from authoritative sites and develop targeted organic traffic. This traffic is more engaging and targeted than most traffic sources.

How Link-able works:

Link-able matches Content Marketers with quality content to talented and experienced Content Authors. The authors write and publish their work on relevant high-authority websites. This creates valuable link building opportunities for Content Marketers.

It works by allowing Content Marketers to post a project or web page that they want to promote on the Link-able platform with a detailed description about it. Link-able indexes this information and displays it in relevant search results to authors. Once the author selects the article then they can submit a brief application to the Content Marketer proposing how they can build the link for the Content Marketer.

Content Marketers have complete control over accepting or declining the author’s applications. When a Content Marketer receives an application, they simply review the details. The applications include; how the author plans to link to their content, where the link will be published, and how much they charge. If the Content Marketer accepts the application, then the Content Author can get to work on attempting to build the link for them.

Over time, Content Marketers can acquire very relevant and diverse backlinks to their content and boost their organic traffic. Link-able is an extremely valuable and useful tool for Content Marketers in today’s highly competitive market and gives them an edge over competitors.

Link-able for Content Marketers

When content marketers sign up with Link-able they can post their content into projects that describe what they want to accomplish. When authors search the platform, they will find your project and be able to apply to it. The content marketer can receive numerous applications from different authors – each one typically offering to build high quality backlinks in a specific way.  

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In the beginning when you arrive at Link-able, you will need to fill out the simple application to post your content to the site. This application is strait forward on your end. You submit your name, email and web address. Once this is complete you click submit and you immediately receive an email saying your application is processing.

Link-able uses the strictest content regulations to make sure your site is not sitting alongside undesirable websites. For example, any website in the categories of adult entertainment, gambling, or spam sites are prohibited. This ensures that only the highest quality content and backlinks are produced through the site.


When the you are approved to post you content on you can post your landing page, web page or other content that you want to gain backlinks. You can think of this like submitting to a search engine. After you submit your page authors will be able to search for your content to find articles they want to promote through links on their pages.

Link-able for Content Authors

Authors follow a similar application process. The difference is that authors must link to three different content articles they have written. These articles are reviewed by Link-able staff. They are looking at the quality of the content, spelling and grammar to make sure that your potential visitors will receive a positive experience even before they reach your site.

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Authors must pass a grueling test of their content. This ensures that only the top authors are selected to be members. The Link-able staff are looking for grammar, content quality and overall experience with the articles. Not all authors are selected to take part in the program. It is a premium service for authors and marketers alike.


If an author is approved to work on Link-able, it is only the beginning of their journey. They begin by searching the available content to find appropriate matches to what they are writing. When they find an article, they must submit another application to the content marketer for each article they would like to connect with.  


After an author submits the application they will need to describe; the article they are writing, the price they will charge, and how your link will be displayed in the article they are writing. This is where the content marketer or website owners take back control. They can approve or deny any application they choose.

Applications can be rejected at the marketers’ discretion. There is no obligation for the marketer to select a link that does not meet with their SEO goals or content requirements. They may also be rejected based on the price alone.


Link-able is a unique platform that is designed to bring together content creators and marketers for mutually beneficial ends. When an application is accepted the marketer gets traffic that is targeted, organic and SEO optimized. The author further monetizes their content so they can spend more time working on creating quality material that will be engaging for your future traffic visitors. Link-able is an effective platform for acquiring high quality links and we recommend you give it a try by signing up here.

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