SEO – Meaning and Evolution

SEO Meaning & Evolution

SEO is precisely the name given to methodologies that aid in the improvement of search engine rankings for your website. SEO techniques help your web pages to be found in searches for the relevant words from your page and figure on top in google search result. It is basically website “quality control”.

How to make your site appear in Google

This is where content plays a key role as the right and effective content makes Google understand that your pages are interesting and significant. The below points must be considered while creating content for SEO web pages:

Identify your target audience

Find out what people are interested in your products and services. This can be accomplished by tapping into the databases that hold information like what the people search for the most, what are their percentages, what is the search trend and so on.

Keywords are Key!

Next step is to make a list for most common search terms or keywords. These could be single words or phrases that most people search for. Then use this term a lot in your site to automatically drive traffic to it. Make sure to include these keywords in important parts of your web page.

Know your competition

Find out the strength of other websites that rank above yours for the same words and phrases. This helps you in making modifications so that you beat them in the ranking.

Getting linked

If your website is on top of its game, you are bound to get links to your site from other sites. This helps your position in searches. Google reckons that your site is important and liked since so many sites link to yours.

Create authority pages

Google advances authority pages to the top of its ranking, so it is vital to create authority pages. This constitutes writing useful and beneficial content that maybe shared in twitter, blogs and so on thereby creating a useful vicious circle.

Evolution of SEO

The term “Search Engine Optimization” came into being only after search engines developed. With the evolution of the Internet, better ways to organize and find data inspired developers to create some ways of searching for information. The first identified search engine was created as a school project in 1990. This was the primitive form of search engine which later evolved into modern forms where there is a front end graphical user interface and back end algorithms to search and retrieve data. In 1992, Gopher was the first search engine to use a Hyper Text protocol. SEO gradually grew out of search engines. Then the web was no longer just a collection of shared data. IT became a hub for e-commerce and internet marketing. Companies realized the importance of creating and promoting their websites.

The early pioneers of SEO found the internet to be a viable money-making industry. For example, Greg Boser used to sell fire-fighting equipment through the internet in 1994. In 1996, Christine Churchill created an online business that sold software tools to effectively build websites for companies.

SEO pioneers collaborated and learnt from one another and optimized the search phenomenon. With the advancements in technology and new tools, SEO will continue to evolve into new and better forms.

Razia Shaik