SEO Ranking Factors 2019

SEO Ranking Factors In 2019

SEO requirements keep changing and it is essential for a business to keep up with them if they want traffic to their website. Knowledge of SEO ranking factors will go a long way in making a difference to any business’s online presence.

Why SEO is important?

There is enough data to prove the power of SEO in creating a strong online presence for your business. Optimized sites gain more traffic and crawls from search engines, and hence more leads and sales. If you ignore SEO, your site will be invisible to the internet audience.

Below are the SEO ranking factors that have gained importance in the year 2019.

URL must be Accessible

The right URL is one that Google bots find and crawl. Google must be able to visit the page with the URL and decipher the content. To help with this you will need:

Robots.txt file – This tells Google where to and where not to look for information about your site.

A sitemap – This lists all pages of your website.

HTTPS – Include https in your URL and enable SSL security to improve web security that Google has promoted for years.

Good Page Speed

Good page loading speed (also on mobile devices) has been a consistent SEO ranking factor for many years. Fast loading web pages improves user experience and encourages re-visit of the website.   

Google introduced a search algorithm update recently that will start affecting sites from July 2018. If a site doesn’t load fast on mobile devices, it may be penalized.

Mobile Friendly

Currently, people use mobile devices more to access internet than desktops. So, it is good sense to make your site mobile user friendly.

Mobile first Index from Google draws its results from mobile optimized sites first and then to desktop ones. So, if your site is not mobile optimized, it is likely to be left behind in SEO rankings.

Domain Name and Authority Matter

Over 60% of the sites that gained top ranking in Google are more than 3 years old. You have an SEO advantage if your site is established and you have it optimized.  Sometimes, domain name also matters. Exact match domain names aren’t always the best way to go especially if the target word is in the URL. The key factor here is to find an URL that reflects your business and optimize it.

Authority too plays a major role in search engine ranking factors.  Page authority and domain authority is a combination of good content, inbound links and social media shares.

Optimization of Content

As we all know, Google’s search algorithm works on keywords. These are the words that users use while searching for content and those words that describe the topics your site talks about. Hence using keywords in content is crucial. To gain good SEO ranking, fresh, original content is essential. You must avoid keyword stuffing and duplicate content.

Search Intent is a key factor as well for developing optimized content. You must understand what people are looking for and use keywords accordingly.

Good User Experience

Good User experience affect search engine rankings in the following ways:

  • The number of people who visit your site after a search query or Clickthrough rate.
  • The number of people who bounced away from your site or Bounce Rate.
  • How long did the people stay on your site or Dwell time.

You must optimize your website after analyzing the above results.

Link Building

The following links affect SEO rankings:

Inbound Links – These are the links that other relevant sites provide to your site.

Outbound Links – These are the links you provide in your content to the relevant sites in your niche.

Internal Links – These are links you provide within your pages to your own content. This helps connecting your pages for the user.

Social Media

The more your web content is shared, the better the rankings. You must not only have a social media presence but also make your content easy shareable. This will drive more audience to view it and link to it.

The above are the top SEO ranking factors for 2019 that will help put your website high on the SERP’s and advance your business.

Razia Shaik

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