SEOMator Review – SEO Audit & Website Analysis Tool

SEOMator Review

SEOmator is a comprehensive SEO audit tool that is used to analyze the website thoroughly and produces reports on on-page and off-page SEO features. This audit report is vital information to the business on its SEO optimization and can help decide how it can improve its SEO efforts.

Search engine optimization is a continuous process and you will need apt resources to help you perform it throughout in your marketing strategies. All businesses want to gain the number one spot in the search engine results for their website, but many are unaware how to achieve this without hiring expensive marketing executives for auditing their website. SEOmator plays a significant role here.

What is SEOmator used for?

As a website owner, it may not always be possible to know all the backend issues that is preventing your website from getting the desired ranking in Google. This is where the SEOmator tool is handy. This online tool continuously monitors the website by crawling its entire data, analyses optimization, fetches off-page and on-page data for analysis, identifies issues and even provides solutions. In other words, it helps to construct and re-construct website that has minor problems after whose rectification, SEO is boosted.

Features of the SEOmator tool

Detailed Auditing

The audit checks performed by the SEOMator are detailed and comprehensive. Domain authority and Page index metrics are both checked.  The website is investigated for SEO friendliness, crawling, usability, server response, listings, web technologies and social media signals.

This in-depth audit feature is key to identifying small and big problem areas. The results of the audit are prioritized so that businesses can deal with the highest ones first.

Quick Solutions

After highlighting the problem areas, the next step would be figuring out ways to rectify them. SEOmator delivers here by providing solutions through its highlighted “How to fix” options. When you expand the text, you can see various recommended fixes.

The hard work of finding errors is continuously done by the tool. All the user is left to do is try and fix the reported problems immediately and regularly.

Reports in CSV format

Other than standard analytical and data reports, SEOmator also provides reports with API and CSV export feature in every spreadsheet. This helps you to dig deeper for any detailed information.

These deep audit reports tend to be very precise and project the focus area very accurately. This helps in analyzing the root cause of problems and eliminating them altogether.

Results Customized

If you are an SEO agency, you can have your own personal brand set up for white label reports and get them delivered to your clients. This customization can save you a lot of time.

Comparison of Domains

If two websites must be compared quickly, SEOmator is the way to go with its “Domain Comparison “option. Just enter the URL of the 2 websites you want to cover and click on compare. Once the comparison is done, you can see overall score of both websites. As you scroll down the page, you can also compare metrics in every stage and category.

The Domain Comparison Feature is most useful if you always compare your website with your competitors. You can always remain on top of things and keep striving to improve your performance if you keep checking your dashboard results on a regular basis.

Continuous Monitoring

If you are a true SEO specialist, you will know that SEO is not a one-time job. It is a continuous and on-going activity. The “monitoring tasks” feature in SEOmator sends notifications on all on-page or server-side issues that can affect SEO.

Whatever issues are highlighted after this monitoring process need to be addressed and remedial action must be taken. As time goes, even low priority issues become important enough to have an impact on your SEO ranking.

Bulk Processing

As the name suggests, this feature of SEOmator helps to audit many websites at once. You can manually enter the URL’s of the website you want to audit or enter the links in an excel sheet and upload it for bulk processing

SEO audit Widget

SEOmator tool provides an audit widget that can be embedded in the website. SEO agencies can audit their website for free with this widget and provide immediate SEO charts and reports.

Exhaustive PDF Reports

Reports on PDF format is an icing on the cake given by SEOmator. It is easy to read, export to and share with clients, prospects and SEO agencies.

Final Words

From the users’ point of view, there was nothing negative they had to say about the SEOmator tool. The positive features are that it is one of the best audit tools in terms of functionality and amount of data it can handle with loads of features to choose from.

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