SEOpressor Review – The Best WordPress SEO Plugin

SEOPressor Plugin Review

There are plenty of SEO Plugins out there when it comes to WordPress but only those that are concurrent with the Google algorithm works the best.  SEOpressor is a must-have WordPress plugin that not only solves the problem of on-page optimization but also increases your SERP rankings a great deal.

Why do you need SEOpressor?

The existing SEO plugins still work only with old technology whereas Google has introduced many algorithmic updates in the last few years. SEOpressor has essential elements that make it work with current Google algorithms like Google Panda.
Moreover, SEOpressor also has features to add star rating to Google searches, add keyword optimization and include rich snippets in Google. More than a plug-in, it works like your personal SEO assistant.

How SEOpressor helps in Keyword Research

SEOpressor helps in optimal keyword research if you follow certain rules. Google searches for clues to understand what a page is about and what keywords it is ranking for. Hence, keywords must be placed in strategic places like Heading tags, Mea tags and so on.

You must also make a note of keyword density and add LSI keywords to make your page secure tanks for the target keywords.

Features of SEOpressor

Keywords SEO Score

This feature helps to check the SEO score of the target keyword. It checks all points for on-page optimization and gives the SEO score based on it. You have click on the refresh button of SEOpressor Connect to get the updated score each time. This is a unique feature of this plug-in absent from its counterparts.

Over Optimization Warning

People often over-use the SEO working tips and end up getting penalized by Google’s SEO over optimization penalty. SEOpressor checks for SEO over optimization and warns the user. It also provides item wise suggestions to rectify the same and not lose a good ranking for the page.

Rich Snippets Feature

You must have come across Star Ratings on many websites and unique descriptions sometimes. These are called Rich Snippets. Rich Snippets help to get higher click rate and SEO rankings. This feature is supported by SEOpressor. Not only are Rich Snippets eye catching but they also allow to add Events, Reviews, Descriptions and so on.  

LSI and Multiple Keywords Feature

LSI Keywords help to find the main relevant keywords from the list of keywords. SEOpressor’s LSI feature gives a list of long tail keywords that are related to the keywords people are looking for. More LSI keywords means more ranks. Using LSI keywords help in targeting only the relevant keywords and avoid keyword stuffing and eliminate Google Penalty.

Automatic Smart Linking 

With SEOpressor, you do not have to manually interlink your contents. It is automatically done by the plugin. Since linking is an important factor that affect keyword findings in searches, it is vital to interlink your old content with new ones. This improves bounce rate and average time spent on the site by the user.

Keyword Decoration

With Keyword Decoration, SEOpressor plugin lets you automatically format your keywords with Bold, Italic, Underline features. Search engines give more preference to decorated keywords. Simply put, this plugin does on-page optimization by default.   

Use SEOpressor plugin of you are looking to replace manual on-page optimization with automatic optimization and drastically increase your SERP rankings.

Razia Shaik

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