The Most Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies 2019

The Most Effective Off Page SEO Strategies

Off -Page SEO techniques drive traffic to your website from search engines by effective link building methods. By building high quality links for your website, it stands a good chance to grab top rankings in SERPs. While On-page SEO methods help our website to become search engine friendly, Off-page SEO techniques help in improving the position of your web page in SERP ‘s.

What is Off Page SEO?

On Page SEO includes tasks of optimizing your website, content curation, creating Title tags, Meta tags, keywords, Image optimization and so on.

Off Page SEO is something you do outside of your content. It consists of methods you adopt to improve the presence of your brand by generating backlinks to your page from other blogs and websites.

Off-Page SEO Techniques that work in 2019

The following are the off-page SEO techniques or in other words, link building strategies:

Social Bookmarking

It is one of the most efficient ways to build back links and generate traffic to your website. Some effective social bookmarking websites are Reddit, StumbleUpon, Slash-Dot and so on. Social bookmarking helps in indexing the web page in search engines and gain an overall brand recognition for your business.  Remember to use proper tags in these social bookmarking websites so that Google finds you and drives relevant traffic to your site.

Forum Link Building

Participation in all forums that is related to your niche helps in networking and connecting with the community. Make good use of the do-follow forums. Once you are active in threads answering people’s queries, you will be considered an expert in your domain and can directly post backlinks to your website.

Directory Submissions

Although directory submission takes time to deliver results, it helps in the long run to get quality backlinks. Select the appropriate category under each directory and start submitting your posts. Some examples of blog directories are Networkedblogs, elecdir and so on.

Infographics Submission

Make good quality infographics and submit them to sites and give a reference link to your website. Infographics are the best way to obtain backlinks in 2018.  Some infographic submission sites are reddit, and so on.

Article Submission

Many websites have a free article submission section in them. You can submit high-quality updated content in these sections and procure a backlink to your web page. It is important to choose high ranking directories to submit your articles.

Video and Image submission

Videos are the raging SEO tool in 2018. Submit your videos to high ranking sites like YouTube, vimeo, ustream and so on and get backlinks.

Similarly, submit images to sites like Flickr, Instagram, tumblr and so on to obtain backlinks.

Ensure the images and videos are properly tagged before sending.  

Broken Link Building

Choose any high quality and high-ranking website and find all 404 broken links. Find and inform the webmaster via email about the broken links, also asking for a replacement with link to your website if the topic is in your domain and you have articles ready.

Social Media Presence Building

Social media presence is a big ranking factor in 2018. For your business to be out there on social media, you may run ads like Facebook ads, Twitter ads and so on. Share all your articles on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.  

Q&A Forum Participation

Join the question and answer forums like Quora, search for questions specific to your domain and answer them giving links to your website/blogs as well. You are bound to get traffic to your website. You may use Quora, Yahoo answers, and so on.

If you follow the above off page SEO techniques, you can improve not only the general ranking in search engines but also the authority, trust and social presence of your website.

Razia Shaik