Top 5 Tools To Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

Top 5 Tools to Embed Instagram Feeds

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website might seem like a tricky business initially but actually, it is not.

It requires minimalist coding knowledge and can be done by any non-technical person very easily.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website helps you to display social proof to your audience and generate user trust and confidence in your brand.

Having said that, Instagram’s marketing potential is no more a hidden secret for business websites.

This article throws light on 5 such tools that help you embed Instagram feeds on your website.

Come, let’s have a look.


Taggbox is a social media aggregator and display tool basically. It integrates with multiple social media platforms, Instagram is one of those. Hence, it aggregates real-time Instagram feeds via hashtags and displays them as embedded Instagram posts on your website.

You can always design, customize, and decide the look and feel of your Instagram feeds before embedding them on your website. It comes with amazingly beautiful themes, responsive layout designs, and advanced custom CSS.

You can moderate and curate your Instagram content with the help of its powerful moderation panel. It helps you to filter out the irrelevant content and preventing it from displaying it on the website along with the other embedded feeds.

You can also check into the performance of your embedded feeds in terms of user engagement and interactions with those posts with the help of robust Analytics tool.

Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram also gives you the wings to embed Instagram feeds on your website. You can simply embed your personal profile posts or you could even embed public profile posts from Instagram on your website. You could either display it individually or as a single feed, the choice is completely yours.

In order to embed Instagram feeds on your website, just open the post you wish to embed on the web (embed option does not come in mobile apps). You could do so by visiting the profile concerned or by simply entering the post URL. Once the post is open, click on More, then click on embed. It will generate the embed code which you can copy on the clipboard. Now, go to the backend of the page where you want to embed the Instagram feed and paste it over there.

That’s it and you’re done!


SnapWidget is an interesting, user-friendly and a really easy-to-use social media tool that helps you embed Instagram feeds on your websites.

It aggregates Instagram feeds in real-time which is embedded on your website and updated in real-time directly. Hence, it provides your users with amazing, latest, and dynamic content to engage with.

It also offers really cool and amazing Instagram widgets that make your embedded Instagram feeds really attractive and interesting. These options are- Instagram Popup, Instagram SlideShow, Instagram Grid, Instagram Scrolling, Instagram Board, and so many others alike.


PhotoSlurp is an amazing visual commerce platform that lets you to grow your online business by allowing you to embed shoppable Instagram posts on your e-commerce website. It helps you to grow your conversion rates and sales.

It operates in real-time and collects Instagram posts via mentions, hashtags, profile feeds and embeds them on your website which you can easily use to display social proof for your brand to your audience.

You can easily manage your Instagram content along with other social media platforms’ content, makes them shoppable, and lets you publish it to your E-commerce platform. is an amazing platform to allow you to embed engaging social media posts, like Instagram feeds, on your website in form of images, videos, polls, slideshows, music, live videos, gifs, etc.

It searches for and discovers the most relevant and interesting Instagram posts to be embedded and displayed on your website according to the search criteria you set.

You can display user experiences and user stories and present them as your social proof thus enhancing your brand’s credibility and authenticity among your users.

Over To You

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website not only helps you drive engagement but also helps you spread awareness about your brand, increase conversion rates for your e-commerce business, and grow your e-commerce sales.

Then, what are you still doing here?

Try the best Instagram embedding tool today and experience the incredible benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website.

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